Product Advantages

  • Engineered as a safety device

    The Pediatric Central Line Protector minimizes accidental dislodgement of the central line catheter, thus reducing the need for additional surgical interventions.

  • Minimizes tampering by toddlers & away from diaper area

    The unique design of the garment wraps the lines around the body of the child and out-of-reach of curious hands and mouths.
    Keeps the lines securely out of the diaper area.

  • Designed for nurses by a nurse

    A retired PACU nurse and seamstress designed the wrap to ensure medical professionals could access lumens at night in the dark without waking their patient
    Color-coded tabs on the wrap match the lumens of the catheter for easy identification by hospital staff and care givers.

  • Eliminates exposed looping, a primary cause of dislodgments

    With the over-and-above protection of the Pediatric Central Line Protector, painful snagging on clothing, bedding or furniture is a thing of the past.

  • Minimized tape while providing maximum protection of the surgical site

    Tape removal not only hurts, it can cause epidermal stripping, skin irritation, or even dislodgment.
    Added layer of protection against drools or spills over sterile dressing site

  • Velcor® closure permits continuous CVC access & assessment

    Over-taping, gauze or cohesive wraps can obscure the CVC site and surrounding area, causing nurses to miss crucial, early signs of trouble. But with the Pediatric Central Line Protector, there is always immediate access to the site in compliance with 2006 INS Standards 43.2 that states “Catheters shall be stabilized using a method that does not interfere with assessment and monitoring of the access site or impede vascular circulation or delivery of the prescribed therapy.”

  • Velcro® fingers allow for a custom fit and eliminates over-taping

    The adjustable, resealable Velcro® fingers across the chest and shoulder straps provide for a perfect custom fit and eliminates the need to tape the catheter lines in place while preventing over-taping of fragile skin. The fingers also allow for easy, anytime IV site inspection. This is especially important in pediatrics, where IV sites are inspected hourly.

  • Washable, single patient use; latex, DEHP and BPA free

    The 100% cotton garment is machine washable and reusable by a single patient.

  • FDA Cleared

    Cleared by the FDA as a Class 1 Exempt Medical Device

  • Provides peace of mind to worried parents

    Eliminates one worry from already stressed parents

  • Allows nurses to spend quality time caring for patients well-being

    Reduces time nurses spend trouble-shooting pump alarms due to occlusions and preventing central line tampering

Made in the USA

Each Pediatric Central Line Protector comes in a single plastic bag for cleanliness and ease of distribution through Pyxis, Omnicell, or Central Service Par Level. Directions are included inside the package. The size is included on the outside label of the plastic bag.