Pediatric Central Line Protector


The Pediatric Central Line ProtectorTM offers a tape-free way to secure the central venous catheter in infants and toddlers while providing protection to the surgical site and comfort and safety to the child. For patients who have lumens hanging toward their left arm.



The unique design of the Pediatric Central Line ProtectorTM secures the lines of the catheter and lumens around the back of the patient, keeps the lines out-of-the diaper area and reduces tampering by the child

Covering the CVC site minimizes movement & twisting of the catheter and lines which can lead to line breaks, complications, and accidental dislodgment.

The product is available in three sizes for infants and toddlers in a standard neutral white color.

Regular Wrap
Regular Wrap

Additional information

Chest size

16"- 18", 19" – 22", 23" – 25"