FAQ – Fingers Under Sterile Dressing

We recently received an inquiry from a parent, thought this might be a question you have as well.

We have a 20 month old child with a Broviac located on his anterior chest. He is very adept at working his fingers under the sterile tegaderm dressing. We have used ace wrap and now use Coban with a figure-eight over the shoulder to prevent him from tampering with the sterile surgical site. He still gets his fingers under the sterile dressing. Will your product help prevent access to the site?

The Pediatric Central Line Protector is ideal for toddler children; however, it will not prevent a determined child from accessing the site completely. It will help make it more difficult. The velcro hook and loop closure on the front was designed to make it easy for Nurses and caregivers to access the site. This design of the Protector makes it slightly more difficult for the patient to tamper with the lines of the Broviac. We hope that out of sight = out of mind.