Our Mission

To provide protection of surgically implanted medical devices in critically-ill infants and toddlers with easy to use medical safety garments while providing peace of mind to families.

Protect your critically-ill child with a central venous catheter or feeding tube

Pediatric Central Line Protector

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Engineered as a safety device

Minimizes accidental dislodgement of the central line catheter, thus reducing the need for additional surgical interventions.

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Minimizes tampering

The unique design of the garment wraps the lines around the body of the child and out-of-reach of curious hands and mouths.

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Minimal tape, max protection

Tape removal not only hurts, it can cause epidermal stripping, or skin irritation. Added layer of protection against drools or spills over sterile dressing site.

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Right Side – Pediatric Central Line Protector is back

Great news! We’ve brought back the Right Side – Pediatric Central Line Protector for infants and toddlers with a central line hanging towards their right arm. We realize that each children’s hospitals approach to central lines is different and each child’s central line placement is different. That’s why we created…

Updates from SIYA, Inc & Healthfully Healing

Hello dear customers and friends, Over the past few months, some big changes have been occurring within our micro family business. Roy Alyea, who has been running the business on behalf of his wife, Karen, is taking his second retirement at age 84. The past year has been tough on him…

The Pediatric Central Line Protector offers maximum protection for your child and peace of mind for you.

What does it mean to be an FDA cleared device?

When evaluating options for helping managing central lines in toddlers it may be important to you to know that the Pediatric Central Line Protector™ has been reviewed by the FDA and cleared as a Class I exempt medical device. But you may wonder what that means? The FDA website provides some great…

What’s a Broviac?

Wondering what a Broviac is?  Has your child recently received a Broviac catheter via a surgical procedure?  Here are some resources and websites we have found that offer information about Broviac catheters for parents of critically ill children. eHow offers a great overview to Broviac catheters and explains the difference…

FAQ – Fingers Under Sterile Dressing

We recently received an inquiry from a parent, thought this might be a question you have as well. We have a 20 month old child with a Broviac located on his anterior chest. He is very adept at working his fingers under the sterile tegaderm dressing. We have used ace…